The Perks of Having Travel Insurance

We believe that life is for living and that should be done at maximum capacity. For some people, living to the max means letting the travel bug bite, which is great, otherwise, where will we find travel photos to drool over on Instagram, right?

Now, Instagram photos are great but rarely do they shed a light on the not so cute sides of travel. Picture this; you are a keen hiker. You have been at this hiking trail for a couple of years. In that time, you have conquered quite a few hills, from the Ngong Hills to Longonot to Elephant Hill and it’s now time to take it to the next stage. The highest mountain in the land!

You train for your hike pretty thoroughly. You buy all the necessary gear and nothing can stop you, you are going all the way up! Well, you try, but something goes wrong. Even with your training, you cannot seem to breathe right at that altitude. You need to be evacuated. Getting a chopper to the peaks of Mount Kenya is not easy work, but it’s something you never have to worry about when you have a travel insurance cover, which you do. Your insurance provider deploys an air ambulance to rescue you and soon you are home, safe and on the mend.

Buy travel insurance, from lost or delayed luggage, trip cancellations, medical insurance and evacuation (that chopper we talked about) and so much more. Travel Insurance locks down your worries so you can comfortably pack your bags.