The Perks of Travel Insurance

We all get so excited when it comes to travel. We literally build castles in the air just dreaming of all the places we could, activities we would engage in and how much fun we would have taking photos for the gram! So in this excitement, we tend to pack the whole house into our suitcases because we might need an extra pair of shoes or sunglasses or something, but how often do we remember to pack up our travel insurance?

How many of us even think of travel insurance in Kenya when planning a trip? Better yet, do you know that you can get it just by clicking a button without having to visit any office?

We expect everything to go as planned when we travel but we must consider that things may not always go as planned. Unforeseen events may arise and end up ruining your trip and this where Travel insurance comes in. It caters for unexpected incidences such as:

Having to cancel your trip

Life is a game of chance. We make solid plans and then out of nowhere, there is an emergency that needs your immediate attention or worse, a flight delay! With a travel insurance package, you are guaranteed a refund on your airfare and can always reschedule the trip.

Medical expenses

In the event of illness in a foreign land, our package covers medical and related expenses, including but not limited to evacuation and repatriation.

Lost luggage

With a proper cover instead of endless worrying and anxiety, both your baggage and personal belongings are covered.

Think about it…

So that the next time you are packing for a trip, travel insurance goes in first ;)!