Tips and Tricks: Surviving Drinkcember

Can you smell that? It’s the smell of the merry and festivities that characterizes this time of year. December is all about more laughs, more hangouts with friends and family, more reunions. All of these occasions tend to be accompanied by something a little strong in your cup, it’s all fun and games until you are attending three functions in a span of three days and suddenly, your body needs a break from Drinkcember.

Are you anticipating a heavy Drinkcember? Here are a few hacks to help you survive the heaviest month of them all.

  1. Eat

The great thing about December is that everyone is trying to feed you, well, before they start trying to buy you shots. Take advantage of this generosity and serve yourself a plate, and dig in, your body will thank you later.

Drinking on an empty stomach allows your body to absorb more alcohol. Have a healthy meal at least 15 minutes before you start drinking. Eating helps reduce the absorption rate by ensuring that the alcohol stays in your stomach for a longer period of time, before proceeding to the small intestines, where it’s absorbed into the body. Consequently, the longer alcohol stays in your stomach, the slower it’s absorbed and slower it affects your body.

  1. Hydrate and pace yourself

Sounds like a skincare mantra, but we promise it works for the whole body. Drinking water throughout the day, during and after drinking alcohol will help prevent dehydration and the nasty headaches that come with dehydration.

Pacing your drinks with water allows you to control how much alcohol you put into your system and consequently, slow down alcohol absorption into your body. Drinkcember is all about the good times, pacing your drinks helps you stay around enough to remember them.


  1. Cab hailing

The next time enjoyment calls and you answer the call, tell your car keys to take the night off and watch some TV. Drinking significantly impairs your judgement and consequently might see you put yourself and others at risk if you drive while under the influence. Call a cab.

  1. Avoid that uncle with the shot glass

We all have that uncle or friend that likes to play bartender and pour everyone a tot of something. While he is a fun uncle, indulging him will see you get drunk really quick and your story will become fodder for the next family gathering. Nobody wants that. So how do you avoid the drinks while still remaining in your uncle’s good books? Serve!

Uncles, and family in general, love to be served and this is your way out; make sure mum has a plate of Mukimo, the stereo is playing Dad’s favourite jazz classics and the young cousins aren’t muddying themselves too much. Your family will be so grateful to you for your service, they won’t realize you haven’t topped up your drink.

  1. Be your brother’s keeper

Drinkcember is not Drinkcember without friends, so watch out for them. Call them a cab if need be, make sure they are fed before the night goes south and remind them to text when they get home. It’s the little things that make a difference.

  1. Take time out

‘Imagine, it’s not a must.’ – Kenyan proverb. When it comes to Drinkcember and all-out enjoyment, you are allowed to opt-out every so often. The party will still be there when you are ready, we promise.

However, we understand that you might still be dragged out of the house. Order Sparkling water or soda water with lemon slices, in a clear glass, those two look like a gin and tonic. No one will be the wiser, well, except your bank account- which will be grateful to you!

The festive season is for joy, adventure and vibrant experiences. Don’t let Drinkcember curtail that for you!