It’s Mental Awareness Month. Here’s How you can do a Quick Mental Wellness Check.

The mind is a powerful tool. Without it we would not be. When we are physically ill, we always rush to the nearest health facility to get help as soon as possible. So why is it that when it comes to our mental wellbeing we are reluctant? This could come up because a physical illness will manifest through pain which draws immediate attention to the issue whereas signs of mental wellness manifest over time.

Statistics show that the rate of suicide is higher among men than in women. This led to questions being asked, one of them being why men do not speak out about their challenges in life and if this was the cause of an increase in the cases of depression in the country, especially among men.

Now you’re probably asking yourself if you are mentally and emotionally well. We’ve created a simple mental wellness checklist to help you know your risk level.

  1. Sense of belonging

Do you feeling close to family members, friends, teachers, and others who provide you with support?

  1. Sense of purpose

Do you recognize that you have value and importance as a person?

  1. Positive outlook

Do you see the bright side of life? This helps to reduce stress and increases your chances of success for personal goals.

  1. Self-sufficiency

Do you have the confidence to make responsible decisions which promote your sense of independence and self-assurance?

  1. Healthy self-esteem

Having healthy self-esteem helps you accept and recover from difficulties and failures.

Whereas it’s normal to have no as some of the responses, if more than 2 out of the 5 questions are no, then it’s probably time to speak to a professional about how you feel.

For more information on how your insurance provider comes in handy when dealing with mental wellness, here is the conversation our CEO Peter Nduati had with Caroline Mutoko about the importance of having wellness checks covered under your insurance medical cover.