GOLF Insurance for the Seasoned Golfer

Golf is an enjoyable sport that most enjoy at our well-kept Kenyan golf courses and all across the world. A quick 9 hole or an 18 hole round on a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon is an enjoyable and relaxing activity.

From enjoying the panoramic views to networking with like-minded golfers, the experience is simply satisfying but have you ever thought of the need of golf insurance? Golf insurance Covers personal negligence of the insured arising out of participation in golf with respect to third-party injury and property damage. It also covers accidental Injury/death to the policyholder whilst playing golf on a recognized golf course.

Golf insurance covers unforeseen incidents that could occur as enjoy that round of golf. These are for example;

  1. Injuries from golf balls and golf clubs. Yes, as unthinkable as this sounds, it does happen. As we all know, the blow from a golf ball to the body can be dangerous or fatal unless treated quickly.
  2. Injuries from golf carts. This can be harmful if a golfer falls off the cart and hits their head. The blow can be catastrophic and result in death in many instances.
  3. Golf slips and fall accidents. It is more likely than not that a golfer might occasionally slip on the golf course especially if it is dewy grass. Apart from the shoes being a catalyst to accidents on the golf course, the different terrains around the golf course could also be a catalyst for major accidents.
  4. Golf course lawsuits and settlements. As much as this is a damper, golfers can get themselves caught up in unending lawsuits majorly from loss of golf equipment or injury.

Golf cover offers compensation to golfers should any of the above occur. This cover is tailor-made to suit each golfer’s specific needs but also covers third parties affected.

Golfing with Family

So that said, here are a few benefits that are tied to having this cover:

  1. Personal or total disablement. Accidents are just some situations that we cannot avoid and the golf course is no exception to this. Injuries, head injuries or even muscle injuries that will need serious medical attention. It comes in handy when there is some sort of relief especially when it comes to paying that hefty bill at the hospital all in the name of you having enjoyed a leisurely activity.
  2. Golf equipment protection. This covers that expensive golf set and your prized clubs. Golf insurance covers you from lost or damaged golf clubs assuring you that you do not need to go back into your pocket to fix or buy new ones.
  3. Medical expenses. Golf insurance cover that pays for your medical bills probably feels like rocket science in the minds of many, however, the cover protects you from any medical expenses that occur as a direct result of being on the golf course.
  4. Hole in one up to.  Should your club be organizing an internal tournament, and there is a pending bar bill that seems extremely difficult to pay, then the Golf insurance package may be just what you need when this situation arises.

Sign up for the golf insurance package today and focus on teeing off to the beautiful fairways our clubs have to offer or the tough roughs your ball may hook into. Let golf insurance take care of the unexpected and you take care of your golf game.