Gifts that Give You More

Tis the season for giving! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? If you haven’t this is perhaps a chance for you to take a step back and re-evaluate your gift options.

The thing about gifts is that they bring joy to the recipients but that shouldn’t be all they give. A good gift is thoughtful, it’s more practical than whimsical, can be used over time and is an experience by itself. A good gift gives you more.

What does more look like this festive season?

As the holiday pressure builds up to see you pull up all the stops for your family at this time of year, it’s important for you to remember that they are your family throughout the year and not just now. You’ve been giving all year round, so why not give them a gift that they can appreciate, long past the holidays? Here are a few ideas.

  1. Experiences

The thing about experiences is that they build up as memories that you can revisit in the future and reminisce over. When planning for these, factor in your budget and your loved one’s interests; what do they like to do. Then plan something along those lines but yet something that takes them out of their regular schedules. It could be a picnic at Karura or a drive to Ndakaini Dam or a horse-riding class… the world is your oyster!

  1. Quality time

Festive season or not, we know that January is around the corner and with it comes financial responsibilities that you are preparing for, so if money is a little tight, we understand. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot gift. Time is such an important gift; be there for your family, listen to them. Really listen and maybe bond over a puzzle or favourite movie. Go an extra mile and turn it into a habit, do it weekly or biweekly and see your bond strengthen and your relationship blossom.

  1. Tools and skills

Gifts that build into an existing hobby or craft not only bring joy, but they also serve a practical purpose. They help the recipient become a better version of themselves and/or achieve their goals and what better way to give more than by donating skills or tools.

Think of art supplies for your sibling that’s a painter or a toolbox for Dad, a  painting class for Mum or even paying driving lessons for your younger sibling. Practical, necessary and served with a spoonful of love!

  1. Medical Insurance

Hear us out on this one. Now, while the temptation to book flights and usher in the new year sounds amazing, what if you could scale back on the extravagant whimsical ideas, get a medical cover and still have a good time?

A reliable medical insurance cover will see you and your family through the next year and focus on living life to its full potential, knowing we have your back. So instead of taking your family to the Maldives, you could settle for the Zanzibar this Christmas, but make sure all their health woes in the new year are sorted. Now that’s a gift that gives you more