Digital Motor Vehicle Certificates FAQs

  1. What does DMVIC stand for?
    It stands for Digital Motor Vehicle Certificate
  2. What is DMVIC?
    The DMVIC application provides users with a simple interface to manage the Motor Insurance Certificate process.
  3. What is a Digital Motor Certificate?
    This is a soft copy of the motor insurance certificate that a customer receives via email.
  4. Will the appearance of certificate change?
    No. The digital motor insurance certificate appearance and details will remain the same as the certificate currently in use. The only difference will be the channel of distribution which will be via digital channels such as email.
  5. Where shall I (client) get the Digital Certificate?
    The digital certificate shall be sent on the email address that you registered your insurance with once you have purchased a motor cover. As a customer you download the PDF file, print in color, use a pair of scissors to cut out the ‘Certificate of Insurance’ copy, use a sticker to display the certificate on the windscreen in compliance with the Law.
  6. I don’t have a printer, how do I print the certificate?
    The certificate can be printed for you at any of our 11 branches countrywide. Please refer to our website for the nearest branch to you.
  7. Can I (Client) get the Digital Motor Certificate from my Agent/ Broker?
    Yes, you can get the digital motor certificate from your agent or broker.
  8. Where do I get the sticker to stick the digital certificate onto windscreen?
    The sticker can be collected at any of our branches or from one of our sales agents/brokers. Alternatively these can be purchased from individual vendors in traffic or at cyber cafes.
  9. What are some of the benefits of DMVIC and why are we moving to digital certificates issuance?
    Complete traceability and accountability of your motor vehicle certificate
    It will help curb motor insurance fraud by ensuring that only one motor insurance certificate is issued per vehicle.
    It will reduce cases of double insurance and fake certificates
    It will completely eliminate cases of lost lost certificates
    You will be able to query the status of your motor insurance through the AKI Verification App available for download from both Apple Store and Google Play Store. (Real time validation)
    Law enforcement will now be able to do insurance real time validation (real time traceability).
  10. What are the requirements from underwriting in order to be issued with a Digital Motor Certificate?
    Completed proposal form
    Copy of the logbook
    Copy of KRA pin and National ID
    Premium Payment 40-30-30
    Client email address and mobile number
  11. What do I do when I receive the email with the certificate attached?
    Once a customer receives the virtual motor insurance certificate via the digital platform, they will print, cut and display the certificate as required by law.
  12. Am I able to check if my certificate is valid?
    Customers will be able to query the status of their motor insurance through the AKI Verification App available for download from both Apple Store and Google Play Store
  13. I am a broker or an agent, how do I get to issue digital certificates?
    This function is available to brokers and agents who have been vetted and on-boarded with Resolution Insurance to issue digital certificates on behalf of Resolution.
  14. On what email or number can I reach Resolution Insurance for any DMVIC enquiry?
    For any clarification please consult GB Underwriting on 0709 900 000 or
  15. Is the physical motor certificate still relevant?
    Yes, the physical certificate is still relevant. The Association of Kenya Insurers has given 30/06/2019 as the deadline to stop using the physical motor certificates where same has not been issued by the insurer. To confirm validity of your motor certificate either use the App, USSD code, via SMS or by contacting Resolution on 0709 900 000 or
  16. How can I tell that my certificate is authentic from Resolution Insurance?
    As a client you can download the DMVIC Mobile Verification App from Google Play Store or Apple Store to check the authencity of the certificate.
  17. In the event of change of vehicle ownership what should I do?
    Please notify Resolution Insurance such that this Certificate will be marked as Invalid. As the owner of the Policy, you are required by law to ensure that you notify Resolution Insurance on any change of ownership. You may get a premium return where applicable.