Our bond or financial guarantee compensates the third party in respect of loss suffered as a result of the failure of the insured to perform a task described in the insurance contract.

Upon providing such a bond as requested, the insurer acts as the guarantor, and is bound to pay a defined amount of money should the insured person fail to meet the terms and conditions of the contract with the third party.

We offer the following types of bonds insurance:

  • Custom Bonds
    We offer custom bonds for your various goods in transit through the country or those produced in duty free zones targeting the export markets.
  • Performance Bonds
    We offer surety to you to ensure that your business does not suffer unnecessary setback should you be unable to commit to the completion of contracted work.
  • Tender Bonds
    We protect your interests so that you do not feel the pinch of losing a bidder for your tender offer.
  • Immigration Bonds
    For non-Kenyans, we offer you our immigration bond to cover any obligatory/ consequential exit costs that you may be committed to during your stay in our country.
  • Exclusions
    Please note that we will not compensate for any illegal dealings or criminal activity.
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