Did you Know about Professional Indemnity Insurance?

We love email stories; from the witty footer notes and hilarious sign-offs to the passive-aggressive language, email stories are hilarious. However, there is one kind that is not funny in the least bit; copying the wrong person in an email.

We have all been there. You draft a nice email, breaking down a project for instance. Everything is on point, you have met your delivery timelines, all necessary documents are attached, but you make a mistake and copy the wrong Caroline. An apology can often times suffice, but it might be a different story if you have signed an NDA and just divulged confidential information. What might follow is a legal suit, damage to your reputation and/or financial loss.

Professional Indemnity covers safeguard you from a scenario like this. Should a client sue you, the cover will sort your legal fees and compensation payments, should the court order for this. That is not all a professional cover does to safeguard your business. Others include professional negligence, unintentional breach of confidentiality, copyright infringement and loss of data.

However, the cover will not compensate you and your business for the cost of any reputation damage caused by the mistake.