Antibiotics; Our Interaction with the Super Drug

Can you name an antibiotic of the top of your head? You have probably received an antibiotics prescription from your healthcare provider in the past and they worked quite effectively, treating whatever you were ailing from. Whether it was a chest infection or a cut, antibiotics are popular, but what exactly are they?

Antibiotics are a substance produced by bacteria and fungi to fight each other, in the medical field, antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. They are also prescribed before surgery, where there is a risk of infection.

While highly effective in the treatment of infections, antibiotics need to be taken in the correct dosage, as advised if they are to serve their correct purpose.  This ought to be followed up by an assessment of their impact on the ailment and the patient as a whole.

What to remember during your antibiotics?

  1. Finish with your dosage, even though you might feel better before you are done.
  2. Do not share your antibiotics with your loved ones.
  3. Should you suffer from the same ailment in the future, do not self-medicate and buy the same antibiotics, instead, visit a healthcare professional.

While antibiotics are effective, regular usage reduces their impact. Bearing this in mind, it is important to maintain personal and environmental hygiene; reducing infections and the need for antibiotics.

In younger children, breastfeeding them for the recommended 6 months, or more, will boost their immune systems, reduce their risk of contracting diseases and the need for antibiotics after contracting infections.

Where necessary and prescribed by a doctor, our health insurance cover will take care of your pharmacy needs.