Hamony Plans Annual Limit: 1 Million

  • Bed Capacity
    Ward Bed
    Hospitalisation Services
    Organ Transplant
    First Ever Emergency Caesarean Section for Principal Member or Spouse
    Kshs 75,000
    Declared pre-existing & Congenital conditions (All Under One Sublimit)
    Kshs 150,000
    Chronic Conditions
    Kshs 500,000
    Psychiatric Illness Cover
    Kshs 150,000
  • Daily Cash on illness & accident admissions applicable after 3 days of admission up to 180 days
    Kshs 750 per day
    Emergency evacuation and ambulance services
    International Emergency Cover
    Upto Kshs 500,000
    Rehabilitation Cover
    Within 15 days of discharge up to a maximum of Kshs 15,000
    Home Care Services
    Funeral expense (for Principal Member)
    Kshs 50,000