What Kind Of Tyres Are Right For You?

There may be more to your tyres than you think—and it goes well beyond vehicle type. Today’s consumer has a lot of options and many factors to consider when choosing a car tyre.

Tyres really matter—the four tyres on a vehicle are the only points that touch the road surface. A tyre has to transmit grip, traction, cornering performance, braking and ride—in any weather.

All-Season Tyres

This jack-of-all-trades tyre may or may not be right for you. “The decision to use All-Season Tyres is dependent upon the expected weather conditions a driver will face and the level of driving confidence he or she feels when driving in inclement weather, especially during severe weather conditions.

All-Terrain Tyres

All-terrain tyres are best suited for pickups and SUVs, These are typically tyres that feature more open space in the traction lugs and grooves of the tread, and are ideal for operating in rugged terrain on occasion.

Run-Flat Tyres

Want to lose that spare tyre in your trunk? Consider run-flat tyres, designed to keep on rolling far enough to get you to a service station or safe place if you run low on tyre pressure. This feature allows the driver, in most cases, to continue driving for a limited distance at a moderate speed.

Sport Performance Tyres

If you like speed and precision, and you’ve got the sporty or touring car to match—which likely came with sport performance tyres originally—look into these. These tyres match the car’s focus on driving features such as steering response, excellent grip and cornering precision.

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