The ‘Not So’ Balancing Act

My nanny fell sick this week; on a week when I had a television show to plan, a live event to moderate at Statehouse Nairobi, a bridal shower planning committee that I was a part off and a few other key engagements. She fell so ill because of something she’d eaten that she had to go home for a few days. It left my plans almost in shambles and left my mind in a manic state.

At some point in the week I found myself lying down in bed and the room was spinning slightly; it was during the day and I’d just managed to put Ethan down for an afternoon nap when I was suddenly hit by a woozy feeling that made me want to lie down.

Is it ok to get overwhelmed when trying to balance life as a new parent?

In bed, a million thoughts went through my mind. I asked myself if I was doing too much and I realized it’s not that I was doing too much, it’s that I was doing too much at the same time.

Blessings have come my way and I’m so grateful, and in that happening I’ve also found myself juggling numerous projects at the same time, expectations of which were high all around. I can’t tell you that I’ve figured out how to make it work, I’m just going to have to keep trying to!

But lately I’ve been having a few bouts of anxiety as I try not to get burnt out while also doing the balancing act. I don’t feel stressed per say, but definitely very tired and somewhat anxious.

I know we all go through those moments so I’m going to weather this season so that someday I can laugh about it!

What do YOU do when you’re trying to have some semblance of balance in your parenting life? I’d love to hear from you!

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One thought on “THE ‘NOT SO’ BALANCING ACT

  1. Hi Janet, its usually very encouraging to read your blog.Am a first time mum and my son is 5months and two weeks.I was requesting if you can share how you started weaning, which foods and how to combine them.
    Thank you so much.