Baby On Board: Tips To Help Keep Kids Safe In The Car

Whether it is transporting your children to the doctor’s appointments or to the supermarket, their safety is your biggest priority.

The good news for parents: Cars are getting safer and more child-friendly all the time. With introduction of backup cameras, cars today come with standard features that make them more child-safe than ever.

Still, parents need to remain informed. There are at least six crucial on-the-road checks that are necessary to follow:

Don’t Text And Drive

Texting and driving has become a common issue over the few years. That text can wait. If there is a situation, in which you desperately have to speak to someone, call him or her and put him or her on speakerphone, or pull over and send him or her a text back. Looking at your phone automatically lessens your concentration and alertness.

Activate Child Window Locks

If your child accidentally presses the power switch on the car window, it could trigger the window and cause severe injury. Ensure that when your child is in the vehicle, you have activated the window lock just in case they get cheeky and want to open the window.

Beat the heat

Never leave your child alone in a car, not even for a minute. While it may be tempting to dash out for a quick errand while your baby is sleeping peacefully in their car seat, the temperature inside your car can rise quickly and cause heatstroke in the time it takes for you to run in and out of the store.

Get a Car Seat Check Up

Car seats can reduce the risk of death in a crash when they are installed correctly, maximizing their effectiveness. Among the most common mistakes are loose straps (you should not be able to wiggle the seat more than an inch, or pinch an inch on your child’s chest strap). Every car seat and car combo is different, when buying ensure specifications.

Seat Belt, Seat Belt, Seat Belt!

Whether they are sitting in the front seat or the back of the car, they need to be wearing a seat belt! No matter how short the trip is, it is always worth taking the four seconds to click your seat belt in. Help your children by reminding them the minute they walk in the car. Once they begin to associate, getting into the car with putting their seat belt on, they will never forget it again. Explain to your older children the importance of wearing a seat belt. Remind them that even if they do not want to wear one, it can save their life in an accident.

Be Wary of Toys

Toys can injure your child in a crash, so be extra careful to choose ones that are soft and will not hurt your child. A small, loose toy can be dangerous and injure your baby in a crash. Secure loose objects and toys to protect everyone in the car.

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